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Healthy lunch box ideas

Even for the most organized family getting the daily routine of making our lunches can sometimes seem monotonous and boring, day in, day out. Here are some tips to get creative with those lunch box ideas and make packing lunch fun for kids! What can parents do? Healthy eating begins at home, so it is

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Spring clean your routine

As the evenings get longer, it’s time to dust off those walking shoes, tune-up that bike and get outdoors to enjoy the fresh air. Take the dog out for an evening stroll, rake the winter debris off your lawn or prune your perennials. Encourage your children to get outside with you to get the recommended

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Starting healthy habits for life: 2-5 years

Preschool is an exciting time when kids are curious and love to try new things. This is the perfect time to start your child eating a variety of nutritious foods. Variety will help them get the nutrients they need and provide a source of pleasure as they discover new tastes and textures. Tips and Basics

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Starting healthy habits for life: 12-24 months

Sometimes the biggest challenge with starting your child on the right path to healthy eating habits is actually having them EAT their meals during meal times. Anyone with a toddler knows the frustration of cooking up a nutritious meal for the family and having half of the baby’s meal end up either on the floor

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Starting healthy habits for life: 6-12 months

Long before school, your child needs healthy foods to grow and to develop properly. Right from when they are babies, how children eat will help build the foundation for healthy eating habits for life. Healthy eating is critical to good health. Children and adults who eat healthy reap the benefits of healthy living and have

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Top 5 reasons for breastfeeding

Breast milk is all your baby needs for the first six months of life. Plenty of benefits come along with breastfeeding your baby. Check out the top 5 reasons for breastfeeding your newborn: Nutrients and Protection – Breast milk is custom-made by each mother for her own baby, and contains the perfect amount of protein,

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Eating Healthy for Mom and Baby

With so much information available on pregnancy, it can become difficult for women to know how to best take care of their health. Often in my personal life I get many questions from expecting mothers on What should I eat? What should I avoid? How can I improve my overall health during pregnancy? Usually my

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