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Breakfast for Your Road Trip!

Summer is almost half over, but many of us are still heading out on the road early mornings for vacations, family reunions and other summer activities. Getting out of bed super early is not an easy task, and getting your children to wake can be even more difficult. With such a scramble to get on

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Homemade Strawberry Creamsicle…Yum!

A must try “Strawberry Creamsicles“….since the day I saw them on the internet I’ve been wanting to make them, once you take a glance at the recipe you will too! Ingredients Fresh strawberries Greek yogurt (choose your own flavor) Directions Rinse strawberries well and cut the greens off them. Blend the amount you need for

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Fruits for the Grill!

There are so many healthy recipes and suggestions available for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks – which is wonderful! It allows us to have variety in our meals, while still eating healthy: But what about for those of us who have a sweet tooth? When trying to prepare a healthy dessert, many of us are

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Staying Hydrated!

It’s HOT, HOT, HOT outside! Despite the hot temperatures these past weeks, we still need to get out of the house and go about our daily activities. It’s important that while we are busy doing things in the beautiful sunshine and heat, we must remember to always stay hydrated. Becoming dehydrated in these hot temperatures

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A “Cool” Snack for Outside Play

Summer holidays is a time to play outside with friends. Day after day children occupy themselves outside; riding bikes, playing catch, building camps, swimming and many other summertime activities. Playing outside for hours at a time in the hot sun can also make them very warm and thirsty. This summer instead of popsicles, freezies and

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Refreshing Salads!

A salad full of fresh vegetables and color serves as a great side to any meal, but on days when temperatures are 25 plus degrees, having a refreshing salad that you can enjoy with your BBQ burger or chicken would be a nice touch. Summertime is the best time to enjoy refreshing juicy foods like

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Summer Camp Lunches

Is your child attending summer camp(s) this summer? Summer camps are a great way for your children to experience new things and meet new people; it’s also a great source of childcare for parents while school is out. Many camps are designed to promote a variety of physical activity and interactive activities that keep the

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Go Bananas!!

After spending a day last month teaching grades 2 and 3 classes about healthy eating, I was very shocked to hear a little boy tell me that he knew some foods that we should never eat, bananas being one of them. We’ve all seen the ads on the side of our screen while surfing the

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Summer Time Picnics!

Summer has finally arrived in our province!! After a long cold winter we need a change of scenery. This beautiful warm weather is a great way to plan some outside meals…’s the perfect “picnic weather!” Next time you’re planning a picnic, choose some healthy food choices that are refreshing and satisfying for your whole family.

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