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Making Dinner a Part of Your Busy Life

School has begun and so has your child’s daily extracurricular activities. This in turn, means busy households both mornings and evenings, and dinners on the run! Avoiding the fast food lifestyle while being so busy can be quite difficult, but it is possible. One of the main ways to achieve this is by being prepared!

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Getting Your Kids Eat Smart Club Back to Routine

The second official week of the school year is on its way and for the most part things are starting to get back to normal. This week, most KES Club Coordinators are getting ready for their first official breakfast of the school year, if they haven’t already done so. When starting your Club for the

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Adding a Twist to Your Traditional Breakfast

  At Kids Eat Smart Foundation we encourage all our clubs to serve nutritious meals daily, most Clubs serve breakfast. These breakfasts usually consist of cold cereal, toast, fruits, yogurts, milk, juice and occasionally other breakfast items. While all of these are great options and the children truly enjoy breakfast at their KES Clubs, we

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Welcome Back to School!

For most children throughout the province, tomorrow marks the first day of the school year, an exciting day for most. We want to wish all of the children attending Kids Eat Smart Clubs a very healthy and successful school year. That being said, to gain success this school year children need to be well nourished

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