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Celebrating National French Toast Day!

In celebration of National French toast day, here is a delicious breakfast you can try at home for those busy mornings or at your KES Club. Preparing breakfast items ahead of time can make mornings go smoothly. Making items that can be frozen and pulled from the freezer can make things much easier. Usually I

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Fruit and Veggie Sheet Pan Pancake

A lot of times we don’t think of serving vegetables at breakfast, but why not!  Serving veggies at breakfast helps to ensure we are getting our recommended servings of veggies each day.  You can try these at home or if your KES Club has access to a kitchen with stoves this a great option for

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English Muffin Breakfast Pizza

This week we were grateful to receive a ton of egg coupons from our National Partner Breakfast Club of Canada! Breakfast Club of Canada have partnered with Egg Farmers of Canada to provide egg coupons to many Kids Eat Smart Clubs in our province.  Thanks to Breakfast Club of Canada and Egg Farmers of Canada – We are so

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Serving Up A Variety of Healthy Foods!

Some volunteers like to ensure they switch things up at their Kids Eat Smart Clubs on a regular basis. They find students enjoy the excitement of not knowing what the breakfast club will be serving that day.  Offering different cereals, fruits, and grain options on a regular basis is a great way to keep students interested

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Share With Your Volunteers!

Kids Eat Smart Clubs would not exist without the generous support from volunteers.  Volunteers may be – parents, teachers, nans, pops, church groups, service clubs, businesses, and many of our volunteers are our very own students.  Many KES Clubs  have a designated area where info is posted to ensure volunteers are up to date with

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Putting Your Best Menu Forward!

As our KES Clubs are serving their breakfast clubs each morning we want to be sure they are putting their best menu forward to the students in our schools.  We want our menus to be well balanced and nutritious. By serving foods from 3 of the 4 food groups from Canada’s Food Guide we can be sure our menus are

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Shopping Locally In Your Community For Your KES Club!

We have recently worked closely with some of our KES Clubs in rural parts of the Province to encourage them to shop at local stores within the communities in which they live.  Whether that be your local supermarket, local corner store, or any local food supplier, there is great importance in shopping locally.  When supporting local business,

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