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Boxing Day Treat!

With the many Holiday parties this season there is often times we are asked to bring along food! Try these healthy holiday pita tree appetizers this week. Have the kids help get them together in the kitchen. These can be a fun and festive addition to any holiday party. Pita Tree Appetizers Ingredients 4 Whole

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Food Storage over the Holidays! Keeping Food Safe.

As schools will be closing soon for the Christmas Break be sure to keep food storage and safety of your KES Breakfast Club items in mind. As you prepare to close your KES Clubs for the next two weeks ensure that you properly store you foods; for instance, your dry goods like cereals should be

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Christmas Morning Breakfast!

Every Christmas Morning with all the excitement I always try and have a fun and healthy breakfast for the kids after they open their presents. Keep the excitement of Christmas morning going and have the kids jump in to help prepare your special breakfast. Get creative and by arranging fruits in festive shapes. With all

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Merry Christmas Bark

  During the Holiday Season there are usually lots of parties and gatherings in which we like to bring food along. The usual suspects include cookies, cakes and other special treats.  Why not try bringing something like this creative and delicious treat to your next holiday party. Try making it together as a family to get

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North Pole Fruit & Veggie Kabobs

Adding red and green fruits to your regular KES Club breakfast can be an easy and fun way to incorporate Christmas into your menu. Serving fruits and vegetables in creative ways help kids get excited about eating healthy. Try this fun recipe below at your KES Club this month. North Pole Fruit and Veggie Kabobs Ingredients: 

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Eating Healthy During the Holiday Rush!

The holiday season can be a busy time for most people, especially our KES Club volunteers who are busy ensuring our children have a healthy breakfast and getting things ready for the Holidays.   Taking care of yourself and eating healthy during this time of year can be a challenge. Being prepared and thinking ahead is

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Fun Festive Platters!

December is here so it is officially holiday season! Making your KES Breakfast Club festive can be as simple as using red and green fruits and placing them in festive shapes to serve up in the morning.  Serving fruits and veggies in creative ways always excites kids to choose fruit options more often. Try these festive trays

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