Principals Tell Us!

Lori Ann Upshall - Swift Current Academy

“This program is truly such a positive part of our school environment. It provides not only nutrition, but socialization and inclusion.”

Kevin Ryan - Stella Maris Academy, Trepassey

“There are children who arrive on time just to a part of what goes on at the breakfast program. While we do bring snacks out to the classrooms for daily consumption, the toast mornings, the muffin mornings, the fruit mornings, and of course the fruit smoothie mornings are really popular. Academic success is high here, and I’m sure that one of the factors in that success is the nutrition provided by KES.”

James Hibbs - Botwood Collegiate

“We are so pleased with the overall operation, access, and student leadership in delivering the breakfast program five days per week. Our school breakfast program would not operate without the Kids Eat Smart Foundation.”

Maria Antle - Millcrest Academy, Grand Falls-Windsor

“Our school culture is welcoming and accepting, and we believe the breakfast program has a large role in supporting this climate at our school.”

Donna Alexander - St. James All Grade, Lark Harbour

“Students are more attentive and focused during our morning sessions, and student social development has seen positive growth due to K-12 interaction during breakfast.”

Arlene Barnes - Clarenville Middle School

“Thanks so much for your support. The contributions of regular breakfast funds to school children increase the positive interactions in their day.”

Jacob Larkin - Jens Haven Memorial, Nain

“The students appreciate having a breakfast available at school, and it encourages some of them to arrive at school on time.”